Relationship Therapy

Relationship issues can happen at any time. When we are happy in our relationships, we are happier and cope better in life. From being attracted to and attracting the right partner, avoiding long term relationships but wanting one, feeling insecure in a relationship, considering leaving one, to moving on from a relationship that’s ended and wanting to grow and learn from it, I have extensive clinical experience of helping women and men individually, and couples succeed in overcoming their presenting issues.

In treatment, my purpose is to help you face and overcome fears interfering with your personal
happiness (esp. abandonment, rejection, intimacy, low self-worth), increase and improve your self-esteem issues, help overturn any historical negative core beliefs and behavior patterns, help you understand why you feel and act the way you do so you can start healing, see your value and meet your goals – in the relationship you have with yourself and others.

I am a specialist in attachment issues, negative relationship patterns, self-esteem issues, co-
dependency, issues affecting adult children of alcoholics, cheating (incl. sexting),controlling relationships, choosing unavailable partners and overturning historical core beliefs & behavior patterns.

In sessions we will address emotional distress and problems in your life, including thoughts, feelings, behaviors, actions, that may getting in the way of your goals. I will provide knowledge, expertise, emotional support, an integrative treatment plan we can structure together, a proven method I created (the subject of a forthcoming book, which helps countless men and women make lasting changes). I strongly believe talking therapy (including skype sessions) is most effective when it includes directive and behavioral techniques. I will give you proven tools and practices (many of which I created) to make life-changing and lasting changes in your personal (incl. relationships, marriages, intimate lives).