Do You Love Too Much?

Single or Dating …

Do you attract men who are avoidant? Or distant? Or who disappear without warning?
Do you hook up when you don’t always want to in your search for attention and ‘love’?
Do you easily get attached, even if you don’t know him that well, or sometimes even like him?
Are you lonely?
Does your mood get impacted by how much attention a man gives you, and whether he calls or not?
Do you get depressed when a date doesn’t go well … and start to think, what’s wrong with me?
Do you find men who make you feel anxious exciting – and kind men boring?


Does your relationship bring you more pain than pleasure?
Do you sometimes feel like you’re walking on eggshells?
Do you convince yourself that, if only he would change, things would be OK?
Do you do what you can to please him, putting his needs before yours?

As smart as we are as women, we can make foolish choices in love. I am extremely passionate about
helping women who find themselves in unhappy relationships, find their way to happier and healthier ones. This is the subject of my forthcoming self-help book and I have counseled and coached hundreds of women to see their value and break free from unhealthy love choices and drama or chaos intensive destructive relationship patterns.

I have many tools as well as a proven method and daily plan to move from heartache to happiness in your dating lives and relationships.

We will cover many issues … from attachment, shame, feeling different or not good enough, unlovable, dependency, anxiety, depressive thinking, emotional regulation, self-esteem, feelings of neglect, rejection or abandonment and a fear of intimacy.

Countless women I’ve worked with have said, “I don’t recognize myself as the woman who first walked here.” This is my goal for every woman I am privileged to work with.