Dr Drew’s LifeChangers – A Sexless Marriage

Dec 27, 2012 1 Comment

Simone helps a sexless couple get intimate again on Dr Drew’s Lifechangers

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  1. Reply Camilla says:

    I stand with this world as a whole and entriely reilaze how this world should be, i have always known, felt it and saw it with my own eyes the destruction of our world, people think i’m nuts and think this is how life is about they are taught to think it’s all there is and that they have nothing without money and items. They stop us growing in our own back gardens, they stop companies from re-using seeds for profit, they charge us more and more and eventually will lead us into poverty. What they are also doing by taking away Hopi’s rights for water and not to mention poisoning water all over the world is disgusting, i don’t know about anyone else but i cant live this way any more, i am fed up, depressed, disgusted, disapointed, very very angry and i cant lie, i cant live in a life that is a lie, everything is wrong, we are not meant to live how we are living right now and have been for hundreds of years, we gave our power away to others, it’s time to take it back and never let anyone take it away from us again. Help these people and help your entire world because i am right with you all, i am just as scared and angry, there is no words that i can describe though what i feel, all i know is i cant take it no more. I love you all i believe in you that you do anything you put your minds to.

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