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Helping You And Your Relationship LIVE with Simone Bienne… is for couples who want to make a breakthrough in their relationship. If you’ve felt your relationship has got stuck in a rut, where your needs aren’t getting met because you either don’t know what they are, or you don’t how to communicate them to your partner, you need to make changes. And now! Why? Because you both deserve to enjoy the fulfilling relationship you were destined to be in. Together, we can discover the invisible patterns that are holding you back and make the necessary changes – then and there. Once you know what has been holding you back you can turn around these negative behaviors and patterns. From then on, you can make sure you positively influence your relationship every day so you can be the couple that ‘act’ in love and not just say you’re in love. All that’s needed is you – your partner – and a little bit of hope! Dig deep, and with all the strength and motivation you have within you, together you’ll see that you can take giant steps forward to reclaim the future you always wanted.

Helping You Get Ready For Love LIVE with Simone Bienne… is for single women who keep finding themselves in unhappy relationships. I used to be one of them so I know firsthand that what seem like invisible factors at the time, affect our choice of partner and relationship. Once you know what’s holding you back and why, you can start to transform not just your relationship, but your life as a whole. Change is possible. All you need is a kernel of hope, and you could find yourself in the kind of life you’d always hoped for… and deep down know you deserve.

The Book Tour

Based on my new book, these live events will be specifically be for all of you tastic women who are up for some fun and want to perk up your sensuality as well as enjoy your sexuality in a lasting and altogether different way than you might have thought possible.