Relationship Therapy

I have counseled hundreds of couples, helping them both as individuals and couples, so that their relationship can flourish and grow. I am passionate about helping couples fall in love all over again. Read more

Do you love too much?

I am passionate about helping women who keep finding themselves in unhappy relationships. All too often, it is the past that negatively affects our present & future. So, together, we work through feelings from the past in a safe & supportive space. Read more

Sex Therapy

Together we will talk through your sexual concerns and explore your feelings around sexuality. You will be given exercises to carry out at home, either on your own or with your partner. Read more

My Thoughts

For my views and feelings on the latest news, as well as commentary on interesting research and findings in the dating, sex and relationship space, see my blog postings where I also answer the ‘question of the week’ sent in by you. quat. Read more


Delvon & Tedminia

“I feel like my life has been changed. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve dealt with some emotions I’ve buried deep down… Simone was very awesome. She enlightened me and enlightened my life”….“Simone has helped our relationship tremendously. And we are going to stay together and work this out”.

Delvon and Tedminia – A married couple with 5 small children who at the time were on the verge of splitting up

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Anna & Anthony

“Thank god for Simone. She helped me focus on how I felt for Anthony and how I had to trust him again. She helped me put things in perspective”….“Our sex life is now great. It’s like night and day. It’s a complete 180”.

Anna and Anthony – A married couple whose sex and relationship issues were causing them deep distress

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“Thank you so much Simone….Simone has helped me grow confidence in myself. Now I’m finally ok and content and a lot stronger”.

Erika – Patient on Rehab with Dr Drew…who at the time was in recovery but still addicted to a toxic relationship

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Jonathan & Anna

“This is so helpful. Thank you, Simone. We both wish we could take you home with us”.

Jonathan and Anna – Couple who are the time were in a sexless marriage

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Dr Drew Pinsky

“Not only is Simone an excellent relationship therapist, she is also a strong centered woman and that will be important” (in working with female Rehab with Dr Drew patients and their recovery)

“Simone does really good work with people around their feelings for one another”…

“Simone Bienne is “smart, funny, someone I respect tremendously, with a wealth of clinical expertise”

Dr. Drew

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